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We are a group of specialized individuals who have teamed up with a common goal - to help businesses find a way to resolve any problem that they may run into. We are specialists in finding the most competent consultants to resolve problems in your business.

Common Problem
There are many problems that occur to a business, and when that happens they usually turn for advice from a consultant or a consultation firm. They have possibly been recommended to a firm by a friend or in some occasions, forced by a bank to avail of their service. However, this service comes with a heavy price, which many have had to pay for and in some instances causing a bigger problem in the business.

At PLECTI, we believe in people with an excellent track record of understanding the problem and working on a solution that is a fit for all.

Here at Plecti, we provide the service of assisting you find the right consultant for the problem you face. We look into a handful or more consultants with deep understanding of your industry and put you in contact with them. This is our strength and our promise to you.

Our location of focus: Europe and some parts of Asia


Staffing and Recruitement

Construction Industry

IT Support and Consulting

The industries that we are focused on:

Staffing and Recruitement

Construction Industry

IT support and Consulting

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Staffing and recruitment

We have helped a number of hospitals and health insurance all around the world hiring high skilled medical staff creating a more efficient way of handling their HR.

Construction consulting

We assisted in finding consultants for clients who needed ways to finish construction projects faster and on-time.

IT Consutling and support

We have assisted different businesses scale up their solutions and solving multiple problems with our expertise. We have helped them to lower cost, increase and secure their intellectual value

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